Say goodbye to expensive photoshoots

Now you can add on-model photos to your product pages, social accounts and ads without hiring models, makeup artists and photo crews.

Traditional photoshoots

Traditional photoshoots are great, but expensive, laborious and do not scale easily.

  • Hiring models, makeup and photo crew
  • High setup costs with photo studios
  • Manual effort with long turnarounds
  • Limited ethnicity and body type diversity

OnModel AI photo creation

Our AI photo creation pipeline makes on-model photography accessible to everyone.

  • Pick our model photos or upload your own
  • No physical studios or crews needed
  • No limits on images produced per day
  • Change body type, ethnicity & makeup easily

How it works

The best photoshoot is the one that never happens.


Upload Product Photos & Select Models

Bulk upload your existing flat-lay, ghost mannequin, hangar, or mannequin product shots. We work with all file formats.


AI Creates On-Model Images Automatically automatically creates on-model images. Optional retouching and styling options are also available.


Put On-Model Images on Your Store

Upload your newly generated images to your store!

Instant On-Model Photos

No need to wait days or weeks for your images.

Bulk Process

Convert product photos in bulk without manual efforts.

10x Lower Cost

Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional model shoots.

Get Started

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