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Sell to new audiences by changing models with AI instantly

Don't get negative impact to your SEO by having the same images as other stores. Increase your sales by upgrading product photos with AI fashion models. Connect with your customers by representing their diverse ethnicities and skin-tones on your model photos.

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Why use the same models everyone else is using? My customer base is a more mature group and this app is truly amazing!
- Jennifer P.
Diverse models

Swap fashion models

Swap Fashion Models

Change models based on gender, ethnicity, age, expression, makeup and more

Change backgrounds in photos with AI

Change Backgrounds

Easily remove and change backgrounds of your images to standardize your store

Uncrop headless faces

Generate faces for cropped images

Magically reveal faces even when your images are cropped and headless

Generate AI fashion models in bulk

Bulk Change All Images

Run batch jobs to generate thousands of images for your entire store

Generate images in seconds with an easy to use app

The questions you have

Why upgrade to AI Fashion Models?

Get more sales by matching your models to your customers instantly and differentiating your store from others.

Sell to new audiences

If your models don't match your customer demographics you are impacting your sales. Use AI fashion models to adapt quickly.

Get more traffic

Your competition is using the same supplier photos you are. This is not ideal for SEO. Change your images and rank on search engines better.

Upgrade your photos

Instantly improve your photos by upgrading models, backgrounds and more without changing the clothing.

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